Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Where did God go in my science book ?

Today was a pretty interesting day . The Calvert science is always so dry and boring . None of us can really get into any of it . Its unfortunatley the least favorite of our subjects next to the Calvert math .
So Marilyn was on a mission today . I saw her digging around my files of old stuff that I keep and she found her old Ace Paces that I've had for some time . She pulled them out and took them over to her desk and starting working in them . All of a sudden a light went off in her head . She was really excited to tell me that if we didn't have the atmosphere that the sun would burn the earth ." That God made our earth in such a way that everything is so perfect " . She was so excited to tell me all of this . Then she said " Mom if my Calvert science book would just say that it would be so much more interesting and fun to learn . " " Where did God go in my science book ?"
Boy isn't that an eye opener ? Especially from my 10 year old . It really does make you think . Without God , life is boring and dry. There is no substinence . Without God life is just a dry and boring textbook with nothing but facts . You put God into the equation and the world just opens up . Life becomes more interesting . A whole new world just opens up before your eyes. One that you knew never existed when you've read those old boring dry books that have God deleted out of the text . Knowing it is He who made the earth , and all that lives in it gives a sense and a meaning to life itself .
Marilyn has also missed her old curriculum . We used a combination of curriculum , Ace school of tomorrow , Christian Liberty and some others along the way . Marilyn seemed to thrive more with the Ace Paces then she has with anything else .
I know I have times where I crave that she could do her work more independently . I mean I love to teach the girls their lessons but it feels like every aspect of Calvert needs me to be involved with it . Even at times the so called independent work . Plus I feel like there just isn't enough time in the day to do the lessons , even if I cut out work .
I guess there is still alot I miss with independent homeschooling . There really is .

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Anonymous said...

What grades and ages of your daughters? We should try to do penpals or something like that. Let me know of you are interested. I have all boys, you have all girls. We could come up with something.