Monday, March 10, 2008

Updates and more

Hello all . As you can see on the upper right hand corner of the screen I have added a blog updater . Is that really a word ? If its not well I just made up one :>) All you need to do is type in your email address and this will send you updates of our blog as I post more entries . That way its not all forgotten. I hope it works though .

I had read our comments from the last post and had some questions from some posters . So I thought I would answer them . I figure the more you know the more you grow , right?
The first question was about high school . What will we do for our girls for high school ?
Well , even though it is some time away for us as my girls are only 10 , 8 , 4 and 19 months . I have put thought into all . We are with a cyberschool right now . Cyberschooling is the new thing right now . It is schooling at home basically . We follow the same rules as a public school . State testing , we have an instructional supervisor that is assigned to us and if we need anything , if I have any questions she is there for us . Our cyberschool offers an option that not all cyberschools offer and that is virtual online , live classes . With a certified teacher . Should we chose this option ( which is soley based on indivdual choice of each and every family as to what works best for them ) . My daughters have access to this should I find that we get to a point that I feel uncomfortable teaching . Which to this point I have yet to get to this point . Well I'll admit 5th grade math isn't as easy as it used to be . But I'm learning right along with Marilyn and she is able to pass with A's in math . So I guess we aren't doing to bad yet .

College . All colleges accept homeschooled diplomas . Actually they are actively recruiting homeschoolers because they know that they are devoted to their education . That they aren't out partying all night or dropping out of college because , well let's face it .. our kids have never skipped classes . College is not an option for our girls . They will go . Where , well that is up to the college :>)

As for Prom . Well I went to high school , my husband went to high school . I did like my prom . But it wasn't what made my whole school experience . It wasn't what I really remember fondly about school . My main enjoyment was Band really . My husband went to junior prom but not his senior and really in the grand scheme of things at the age of 37 could still care less about it .
With that said , should our girls really want to go to prom .. they are more then welcome to . In Pennsylvania homeschoolers have the same access to extracurricular activies the public schools offer . So really , my girls won't look back and hate us wether they go or not . They will know with great pride that they had the choice to go though .
The next question is: Do I have a degree? . That answer is no . I had earned my teacher's aide certificate and have worked at a college daycare . That is all the educational experience I have outside of my home . So with that said . No . I was not homeschooled . I wished I had been . I would of loved it and thrived .

I know many intelligent people who donot have degrees, and I know many not so intelligent people with degrees :>) . In PA, and every state that I know of so far , a degree is not necessary . Most states do require you have your high school diploma , some donot have any laws . Just depends on where you live . I am a person who loves to learn , pursues the things I want to learn about , and finds new things to learn about everyday . I know homeschooling my daughters I have learned more things now then I did as a child . Its pretty hard when you were jumped around to about 10 different schools as a child . Not because we were in the military but because I was so horrendously teased as a child and the schools never did anything to protect me . I bet had my mom known about homeschooling she would of done that . But she did what she knew she could do and that was taking me out and putting me in another school . I spent more times trying to protect myself from bullying children that my education lacked. Now I wasn't a failing child . I actually had teachers that thought and new that I knew much more then I knew myself . But the abuse from the other children made me to into survival mode and I missed alot . I know have the opportunity to learn more of the things that I missed as a child and the plus is I get to do it all right along with my children . Math was never my strong suit . History I was never interested in . I did well in all my other subjects. I can definitley say in Marilyn's 4th grade Child's History of the World book has truely opened up a love for history now that I am 31 yrs old .
With all of that said I at some point would like to get a degree in something . Which I will .

If you have a love for learning , love being with your children , and know this is the right choice for YOUR family then homeschooling is a wonderful option . I never recommend it to families that say " I can't wait to get my children out of the house for the day " . It just won't work and everyone would be miserable . I am cautious to recommend it when a mother or father says " I just don't think I could do what you do . " With that I say its a choice and you never know wether you can or cannot do something until you've actually tried it .
Every family does what is best for them . What works for one maynot work for another . So its a family decision , but a wonderful one if you know its something you want to do .


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. It is helpful to me to get opinions from other home schooling mom's! You sound like a wonderful and caring family. I never finished my degree and like you, I do have plans on making that happen someday.

Anonymous said...

I agree w/just about everything you said here but you can actually say "let's face it our kids have never skipped class"? I can't name one high schooler I know who skips class. And dont think they wont be open to the temptation of college life either....You do sound very ignorant about college bc it is NOT just important to the home schooled.