Friday, November 5, 2010

Thanksgiving Season

The Thanksgiving Season is already upon us. The girls have completed 50 days of school at St. Thomas and not any one of them have complained that they have wanted to come home. Which is a good thing. We honestly have a good little school here where we live and its a shame that more families don't give this little school a chance in what it offers. They do many wonderful things for the kids and the families alike. Just recently they had a fun hay ride for Halloween and the kids got to dress up and have a Halloween party.
With this time of political correctness public schools are turning away from celebrating the holidays that we use to celebrate in our youth.

My feeling on this is that this it he United States of America. This is our country and if others come to our country then they need to live by the American way. Not the other way around. Of course we need to respect one another but if we went to their country we would be forced to believe what they believe and practice whatever religion that is the religion of that country. No where else in the world can you go to a country like ours where Americans give up their right to live as Christians for other people.

Okay I'm off my soap box about that but really. Back to my topic at hand.
The girls are doing well at their new school. They are thriving and just really enjoy it. The only thing they don't like , and me too, is getting up early. I'm just not an early bird person at all. Never have been and I don't think I ever will be. I do just fine getting up at 8 am thank you.

So this is the very first thing I am thankful for this season. I'm always thankful for each and everyday that God has given me on this earth. Even if its not the kind of life I wish. I'd love to be well and pain free but I'm on the road to recovery and that I am thankful for too.
I am thankful for my daughters having such wonderful teachers. I am thankful for my family and I'm always thankful for the roof over my head and the food that I have to create wonderful creations for my daughter's school lunches and our bellies.. :>)
I am thankful for the wonderful friendships that I have gathered throughout the years with our VACTERL families. Without them I would not be able to give the best care I can for Maggie.
I have so much to be thankful for. I really do. So much so that I can't really type it all. Those are just the things that come to my mind as I type right now.

So for fun. List the things that you are ever so thankful for ......