Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Art of Studying

Ah yes, the inevitable art of learning how to study for tests . I am one for stressing the importance of this with my girls because I mean really , we all have to learn to study for something . Today was Lesson 14 spelling test for both of the girls . This will prepare them for their lesson 60 test that they need to take tomorrow for their spelling .

I always give ample enough time to study for tests. We play games , do our spelling book , book work and then I give a huge WARNING that the test is tomorrow . But for some strange reason those warnings go out the door and the girls think that they can get by it all without studying , or studying with the computer and t.v . on . Not ! So today they are learning the hard way. Writing each misspelled wors 50 times . Doesn't sound too bad if you miss a few . But its awful for sure if you missed 8 words or even 13 words ! Evil laugh here !

So Marilyn and Katie have been spending most of their day writing spelling words . Hannah worked on her 'school work' . She likes to be like her big sisters and have her own work . And trust me . I strike while the iron is hot when they are younger . So we worked on the concept of large and small , and are working on letter recogition . I was able to find some free worksheets on Touch Math's website( I have the link in my favorite curriculum links ) . This is a really neat way to teach math . They use a dot system with the numbers. So instead of using a number line or counting on fingers or other manipulatives they can look at the number 2 , picture two dots and be able to count and memorize . It really does work . Its just too bad their curiculum is super expensive . They do sell the seperate workbooks that go with the curriculum and you could use those. But they are expensive too at around $50 for 4 workbooks . That's pretty steep and I can't find them second hand at all . So I just print out some of the worksheets from the website because they have a ton of free worksheets and let Hannah go at it while I work with the girls .

Tomorrow I will be sharing with everyone pictures of what all of our books look like .

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