Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Touch Math Giveaway

Though my girls are going to private school this year really hasn't meant that I've given up homeschooling completely. Actually I have turned to what is called Afterschooling, or now since we are having snow days...part time homeschooling.

Honestly after eight years of homeschooling I just can't give it up like that. Its like asking a school teacher to stop teaching and then asking them what they are going to do with themselves after they stop. They eventually find something to replace that. Well I'm doing my best continuing on the learning path with my daughters all the while fullfilling my need to educate.

TouchMath has been a blessing for our family. I had found TouchMath quite some time ago on the web and had looked at it and dismissed it because of the price tag. It wasn't until my third daughter began having difficulty with math that I turned once again to TouchMath. We were very fortunate to get most of the program from our school district. They were happy to oblige us with copies of the math program. I'm not sure what edition is was or what level it was but it was enough to get my daughter up and going and to get confident once again in her math abilities.

I was happy to see her enjoy the math and she happily jumped at the chance each time I brought it out. My youngest daughter was about 3 at the time and she too wanted TouchMath. So I did manage to find the Prek math program on Ebay and bought it. She is 4 now and she still loves her TouchMath and asks to do it everyday.
Even as I type right now my girls are on a snow day and sitting at the table coloring the Holiday TouchMath cards and doing the subtraction snowflake maze for 'fun'. Little do they know they are learning something.
TouchMath is an amazing math program. I surely wished I had something like that for math when I was a kid. I think I would have been much more confident in math that's for certain.

With that glowing review there is a TouchMath giveaway being offered on another blog. These are for the Touch 2 Learn Numerals. These are 3 D numbers for the kids to touch and learn the points to where each number should be counted. It also includes a Base 10 tray with the kit.

How do you win this? Easy. Go to the Doman, Aba, Dayhome and Homeschooling Momma Blog and read about the new TouchMath Software for Kindergardeners and follow the steps listed in order to register for the giveaway. Its that easy!