Friday, May 9, 2008


So sorry that we haven't updated in a while . We've been so busy with our new projects . We have found lapbooking . What is lapbooking you say ? Well , its being able to put your textbooks and workbooks aside and be creative and still learn at the same time . Its almost like scrapbooking but in an educational sort of way .
I decided to give it a try and made a My Colors lapbook for Hannah . She's had such a difficult time remembering her colors that I thought this would the best way to start . So we started and Hannah and I really enjoyed it , then Marilyn saw us doing it and wanted to create one of her own , then Katie decided she wanted to make one of her own too ! So I have had three lapbooking going at the same time .
Now I haven't purchased the already made lapbooks . Its taken me some time in the evening and research , which Marilyn did quite a bit on her own . But we've made it work .
The first lapbook is of Hannah's color book . The picture on the front was given to us by Maggie's speech therapist so I'm not sure where she got it from . Then on the inside we found lots of color worksheets from This is where the majority of the worksheet stuff on her lapbook came from, as well as the color flash cards . I also created a color wheel and a flapbook with all of the colors , in which I typed in small type the words of each color and glued them on there as well . The colored squares I got from ABC Teach ( ) . I had to go to the preschool section and click math , then counters . There they had colored markers that I just printed and cut out . This was a very easy lapbook to make.

Then Marilyn's lapbook was a bit more complicated . The subject she chose was Julius Caesar . This one took quite a bit of research . The front picture of the book came from Karen Whimsy's website of hand drawn clip art . We looked at several before she came to a decision on which one she wanted . The bottom strip and the strip on the inside came from PBS's website on Ancient Rome ( ) as well as the small picture on the inside of the map of what the Roman Empire was like during that time . The pictures of the people in Caesar's life was clip art from websites like Wikipedia and a website called Brutus. We sat down and made books of each , Pompey the Great, Mark Antony , Brutus and Marcius Cassus , two of these men made up Caears first Triumvirate ( meaning three mean in Latin ) . Then I printed out the lined paper from for the inside to tell a little about Caesar . I also used to print out our template for the wheel Marilyn made to show some of the other family members in Caesar's dynasty that ruled after him . The template for the book shaped book the match book were also from this site . The little matchbook question and answer books that we have on the inside as well as the timeline was from .
It has taken me all week to get things together and for us to get it done . But it was so worth it and today Marilyn was so proud of her lapbook that she is ready to start another . She is thinking birds this time .
Katie is finishing up hers . Her book is much bigger then Marilyn's so its going to take a bit more creativity . But we're close to getting it done . So all I can say if anyone wants to buy gifts for the girls get us lots of printing paper white , different colors , construction paper , velcro , glue and printer ink ! LOL . No really that would make a great Christmas gift for them .
We also finished up Androcles in Writing Tales and I will be posting pictures of this tomorrow . So with a further a due here are Hannah and Marilyn's first lapbooks .


momluvs4kidz2000 said...

The link worked for me this time. :) Terrific lapbooks, and I liked reading your other entries, too! Thanks for sharing, cause I might check out Writing Tales.
Linda (from lapbooking yahoogroup)

Kristenph said...

Your lapbooks look great. It's wonderful to see kids enjoying learning.

Kristen (from lapbooking yahoogroup)

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