Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fun day with Agora

Okay . I'll admit . I forgot our camera and wished I didn't .
We finally have been able to break free of the evil snow . The sun finally made its debut and started melting alot of the snows. I was very happy to see the roads so cleared out , well at least the main roads after our very big snow storm we have . That's the one thing about living in the snow belt . You live with lots of snow .

Anyways as I digress . We all went on our field trip with the Agora cyberschool to Barnes and Nobel . Of course we could not leave without books . Lots of them . The Agora staff members came to read stories to the kids . They read many favorite books for the younger children , and a few for the older. My girls absolutley LOVE going to a book store and we never leave without at least one book . Marilyn of course got one of her favorite Magic Tree house books. She had won a Barnes and Nobel card last year that was worth $5 . She earned $2 this week so she knew she had $7 to spend . Then we found a very interesting series called "100 Things you should know about : Ancient Rome " . I absolutely LOVE it ! Actually its a series of books called " 100 Things you Should Know about : " And they had all sorts of different books about , cats , dogs, sharks , the human body . Its is very nicely put together and not all cluttered full of stuff like alot of those information type books . I had always steared away from them because they always seemed so cluttered. But not this book . For us it had the right amount of information of different facts about the Ancient Romas . Also on each page it had a fun little activity you could do with your child . Like how to make your own Toga , making a paper mosiac , a recipe for Patina De Piris ( Pear Souffle ) a real Roman dish , learning some Roman words , and painting yourself like a Celtic warrior .
As we go through the book along with with our history book next week we'll be sharing some of what we have learned and what projects we've decided to make . I'm excited. I wished they had a book on Ancient Greece while we were there. I did find the website to get these books so I may order the 1000 facts about Ancient Greece that they have as well .

In the end of all of this we had a great day . It was nice to see the sun outside , it was wonderful to get out and breathe some fresh air after having a very difficult month with everyone catching yucky viruses , and always fun to listen to stories and buy a good book to add to our huge collection .

To end my blog this evening to an answer to a comment I had recieved . College is VERY important to most homeschoolers . Unless your Amish this is one goal you want for your child . I know lots of kids that skipped classes in high school . I am not ignorant about college life . We visit colleges every year when we take our daughters to their swim competitons , and dancing recitals . And if you are not here to support our family in our homeschooling journey then please move on to another blog that fits your interest .

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MommaEwe said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Tracy! That book on Ancient Rome sounds great. We'll be starting with Ancient History so as soon as I saw that I knew I wanted to check it out in person!

Glad the trip to the bookstore went well!

BTW, I'm new here and not exactly sure what that commenter was trying to get at about college, but I'm sorry you had to deal with that. And if that person happens to be reading again. College is our goal, too. I graduated from Stanford and all three of mine, though still very young, have seen enough during our trips there to already want to attend there and wear their Cardinal red proudly. There have also been articles in our school magazine as well as newspapers about the homeschoolers who attend there!