Wednesday, October 7, 2009

File Folder Game: History of Us K12

Of course we have finally hit our snag in the road so to speak. As much as we enjoy K12 we are not enjoying the 6th grade History. The curriculum uses the Joy Hakim books The History of Us. As much as I've heard good things about the books its just not working well for us. Even my husband finds the information they have in the books mundane and scattered. So in my attempts to make things a little more interesting I've created my own File Folder game for Marilyn to help her review the facts she's learned in the books, and also for it to help her review for her assessment tests too.

I will I give lots of credit to those who create their own file folder games. I only have Microsoft office so my futile attempts at making a "professional" looking game that not only looked good but was fun.
So I created a game for Unit 2. I still have some kinks to rule out before I post it for others to use. But my daughter did test it out and she enjoyed playing it.

Here are some pictures of what it looks like if your curious.

As you can see I added some clip art to the front of the game. Bascially, I googled the clipart and glued it on the front. I also added a few pictures on the inside to give more visuals. Like I said its not a perfect looking game but I think it will really help her understand what she is reading more. I know I learned a thing or two while putting this game together.