Saturday, January 14, 2012

Winter and Bird Feeders

Wow, its been a while since I last updated on the blog here. My laptop finally died on me and so I don't have the luxury of cuddling up on my big recliner chair in the evening to type. I can only get the typing in when I can because we all share one computer now.

We had a wonderful Christmas and Marilyn was the wonderful recipient of an Ipod Touch by her grandparents. I'll tell you that not only Marilyn gets to enjoy it that's for sure. Our goal though is to save up for an Ipad. I love the Ipod, its small, portable and you can download tons of apps both just for fun, and educational. I love the educational apps though. They really reinforce things we've done for the day, or teach something I am really not good at teaching. Exactly the real reason I would love to get the Ipad because there are writing apps and worksheet apps. Something not made for the Ipod. Anyways we had a wonderful Christmas and now we are in the middle of winter.
I will say that winter really recently has just started in our neck of the woods. Really, really unusual for us in this neck of the woods. We usually start seeing snow in October and don't see the ground until March. Regardless though, its still January and still, the middle of winter which always seems relentless and never ending.

So today for some winter fun we thought we would make some bird feeders for the birds. Granted we don't have any trees next to our apartment building. We do have a picnic table. So the girls made two different types of bird feeders.

The first using orange juice cartons. They had tons of fun smearing peanut butter on them. I had Maggie use gloves because I'm not sure if she still has her peanut allergy. So its better to be safe than sorry that's for sure.

Once they were done smearing the peanut butter, they rolled their orange juice containers in the bird seed, which we just bought a cheap bag at Walmart. Nothing special.

What we got were bird feeders that look just like this!

The girls were very proud of their feeders they made today.

After that they were ready and waiting to take them outside. Now the waiting begins. To see if any birds come our way to feed off of them.