Saturday, January 3, 2009

Just a little nervous

I don't usually put "Maggie stuff" on this particular blog because I like to keep it open for our fun family adventures that we do have. Sometimes though putting my thoughts here where few people read them is sometimes better.
In February we will be making our trek to Cincinnati. To me it will be a great adventure. Going to somewhere other then Corry, PA. Taking the girls with us, which we've gone ahead and have decided to do. I like to convince myself and say this will be great. I know it will be, but the planning has been a work in progress since at least March of 2008.
I guess the whole thing of it all is becoming so real for us. Its sad that we have to travel elsewhere to get better care for her. Why shouldn't we have the same great care here in PA? I know many families trek across the country and sometimes even outside of the U.S to get the care their child needs. But why can't all doctors be good doctors? Why do we need to pack our family and travel during the school year for surgery and testing that should of been done a long time ago?

I don't think I will ever know the answers to those questions but the one thing I am greatful for is the fact that we have a choice. Its going to be a costly choice for us, but a choice none the less.
With schooling the girls, and me working on my degree it all seems very overwhelming at times to know that we are doing so much all at one time. Somehow we manage to get through each and every school year.
The only thing I guess that gives me great solice in this whole thing is reading so many wonderful posts from families that have been to Cincinnati and how they have really gotten great care. I know that all this "inconvience" will not be for nothing and that we will be doing the best for Maggie. I mean really, isn't that what a good parent is supposed to do?" To seek out and find the right care , the right answers to questions that aren't being answered? Not being content with just what anyone says. We may never crack the entire mystery of " What is Maggie?" But at least we have a choice to try and figure her out!LOL.
Sorry for the vent. I guess knowing we'll be gone from home for an entire month makes me just a little nervous. The only great part is by the time we get back home spring will starting. Knowing that there will be less to no snow is comforting. I need summer!