Monday, June 14, 2010

Its Summer Time!

All I can say is Wohoo! This is my favorite time of the year. Its warm, there is no snow, and lots of fun things to do throughout the summer. We've started out our summer with the first Vacation Bible School of the year. I wished I could say I have pictures but I don't. Our flash on our camera broke so its hard to get good pictures on it. The girls had tons of fun with the Egyptian themed VBS this year. They are looking forward to more throughout the summer. The girls are also participating in the free lunch program at the YMCA. They get a free lunch and swim or gym. They enjoy that a lot. Its a shame more people don't take advantage of it. The food has really improved from last year. Last year was mostly sandwhiches, which of course were made with white bread. My girls aren't used to that. I've always used wheat bread. This year they have had chicken alfredo, spaghetti and lasagna to name a few things.

We are also going to Cincinnati here with Maggie on Wednesday. This is a 'business' trip only. Meaning that we are going down for medical stuff and not for pleasure. I'm hoping we can get a plan going otherwise I'm not sure if Maggie will be able to attend preschool or not. We'll be there for about 10 /11 days so I'm hoping something will be accomplished there for being there down that length of time. I'll admit I look forward to going though because Cincinnati is really a nice place. We will be staying at the Raddisson hotel, which is located in downtown Cincy. So we'll be closer to the hospital this time.

I will admit that this summer is already going by super quick. By the time we get back from Cinncinati it will be almost July. Then we'll have August and then its back to school! Such a short amount of time to enjoy the summer. Which also leads to the fair! The Spartansburg fair is always so much fun. We've been going to this fair for a little over 12 years and its always a great way to end summer vacation. The fair isn't a big one , but its just right. Of course it gives us all summer long to work on our crafts and grow our vegtable to enter into the fair. The girls always enjoy that part. Which reminds me, I need to get the fair book so we can go down our list of stuff. I've also was inspired to get our tags for our entries in such a neat way. There are a few families that enter under ever catagory. They come down , get the entry tickets , and then put them on everything before they even come to the fair. So simple, yet so inspiring. So that will be our method of delivery. It will make it so much easier. Each year we go and get the entry tickets and sift through them only to find out that we forgot something at home or we take up to much time in line.

Well that's it folks. Summer is hear and its meant to be enjoyed! So we definitely plan on enjoying it that's for sure.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pennywise Give a Way

Why not do something fun and educational this summer? Sign up for the Pennywise Giveaway. I copied and pasted the info from their blog as I don't know much about the item other then it looks pretty cool if you like to disect dead things.

This week at, we’re giving away an Ein-O Science Nature Explorer kit.

Explore 10 Gritty Activities

- Nature Lab (plants)
– Growing Plants
- Plant Survivors
- Bug Eye
- Nature Lab (bugs)
- Light Shelter
- Antzville
- Germiniator Lab
- Plant Preservations
- Bug Viewer

Visit the Pennywise Blog to enter today...