Saturday, March 22, 2008

" Thine is the Kingdom , the power , and glory forever "

I've always been one for black and white photos . Nothing portrays the moment as well as black and white . So I felt this photo best suited today's post .
Though we've been a little behind in our studies never did I know it would actually work out so well for our history lesson as it did today . Even though it is Saturday and we try and take a weekend brake from it all . I always try to find a teachable moment whenever I can . So today I brought out our history book ( Children's History of the World ) and our Bible .
I'll admit that I don't read from our Bible like I should to the girls . We unfortunatley have fallen out of the habit of going to church as well . But wether we attend a church never will I fall away from knowing that God is there . That he truely exists . It stays in my mind as I know that a painting cannot be created without a creator . It cannot draw itself , paint itself. That there has to be someone there to create it . Just as God created the world and all that lives in it .
So wether we attend a church doesnot in my mind ever mean that I donot believe in the One who has created it .
Anyways as I stray away from the point . I brought out our history book and our Bible . Marilyn was perplexed to as why I had both books out . I wanted to show Marilyn how much history plays itself out , and at the same time how God's plan plays itself out .
So here is the history version of that time :
At that time in the world Rome was a great super power . They ruled the whole world ,, or at least the amount of the world they knew to be the whole world . Rome ( Italy ) at that time ruled when Jesus was an adult . They were aware of Christ's teachings , yet it meant very little to them . Rome had many religions , from beliefs in many gods to those who believed in the sun , moon and stars . So one more religion to them didn't mean really too much of anything . There was a law though that stated no one could claim themselves as king . Such a claim would put a man to death on the cross ( the standard practice of death at the time to those who were not Roman ) . And so there were some people who wanted Christ put to death . They believed his teachings would cause a revolt and a beginning of a new super power that would put down the Roman Empire . Though Pilate didn't believe this and to him it was such a small matter , though keeping his goverment in order was very important to him at the time too .
With that Pilate's soldiers arrested Jesus and brought him to Pilate . Pilate had Jesus brought forth to him and so spoke with Jesus to find out his intentions . He could find no basis as to condemn this man . But his reputation was on the line . Others began to suggest that he was commiting a crime against Caesar . Commiting a crime against Caesar , who was Augustus Caear ( a.k.a Octavius son of Julius Caear ) at the time , was punishable by death . Augustus was not as fair as a man as his father Julius . Actually he was a cruel and brutal leader .
Pilate felt he was against a wall as the Jews wanted Jesus put to death , yet he could see no crime and nothing to charge him with . We all know the ending of the history story . Jesus was put to death on the cross along with two other criminals . His twelve apostles spread out , and continued Christ's ( Greek for Messiah ) teachings . The Christian's held their meetings in secret places or even underground with the fear of being arrested and put to death . The reason for this was because Rome was beginning to believe that the Christians were trying to start a new world empire . After some time the leaders began to become much bolder and came out of hiding with the intention if having been caught that they were dieing for Christ's sake( martyrs) . It is said that the first martyr was Stephen in 33 AD. One of the men who helped in putting Stephen to death was Saul . Saul was a Roman citizen , and was a proud Roman citizen . He believed in the thought that the Christians were enemies and that they had to be punished . But something happened to Saul . This same man who believed in punishing the Christians became the very thing he fought against . A Christian . Though he had never seen Christ , he became so passionate in Christ's teachings that he became one of the chief of Christians , then Apostle and was called by the Roman name Paul . Paul was then condemed to death and since he was a Roman citizen couldnot be crucified but was beheaded .
I can definitley say that our history lesson was very interesting . I learned alot I didn't know yet it left Marilyn scratching her head as to what this had to do with Easter . It had alot to do with it . In order to understand the story of Easter . You had to understand the times. The thought process of men at the time. The plot if you will . Understanding this gives you the whole story as to why things happened the way that they did , what God's plan was ,and how it unfolded in time .
Of course we all know the story of Christ's Crucifixion . We know it was God's plan . That he gave his only Son so that we maybe saved through him . I know at that moment that Marilyn didn't understand why God's own father would send his Son to die . I mean parents are supposed to love their children . But one thing is God does love his children . That he sent Jesus to die so that we may learn about him , and come to him so that we can live for eternity with him . It is a tough concept for a child to understand . As an adult though I know that God does the things he does because he loves us . We may not think so . It may not be our plans . But they are the plans of God . The One who loves us .
So at this time of Blessed Easter . Know that God loves you . That he sent his only Son to die for you so that through Him , you can know God , and know that he loves you .

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