Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Trees , Birds and Dinner , Oh My !

What a beautiful day it was today . Though the sun only was out for a short period of time today and it was windy and cold . It was nice to see the sun shine its face on the world today . School work was done , and we headed out to grandma and grandpa's house for some fun . Today we learned how to tap a maple tree for sap . Grandma and grandpa plan on making some maple syrup . So the girls are just super excited and can't wait . We were all surprised as cold as it was today that the tree still ran some sap .
Marilyn , Katie and Hannah were able to try a little sap . Tim and I as well . Tasted alot like water with a little bit of a sugary taste . After the tree tapping , then we headed back indoors to study birds . Marilyn and Grandpa's hobby is watching birds . I was able to find a great link on The Well Trained mind board to make a bird coloring book . Along with their bird books the girls were able to color in the birds that they see alot at Grandma and grandpa's house . So that became the fun project as we all nibbled on leftovers from Easter . Plus Marilyn and grandpa were able to plan on what to do next to earn her Junior Girl Scout patches .
All in all it was a fun day . And we are looking forward to making that maple syrup .

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Genevieve said...

I love this time of year! Nice pictures.