Thursday, February 18, 2010

The never ending winter

I'll have to start off by saying I'm sorry I haven't posted pictures in a while. Our trusty Kodak camera's flash is not working so I'm not getting very good pictures off of it. At least none that would look any good on the computer. So I'm in picture withdrawl at the moment.

We've still be pretty busy with school work. Trying to get this year done and overwith. I am still looking forward to going back to traditional homeschooling. I think I was happier when I did it that way. No, I know I was happier when I just homeschooled on my own.

The girls are getting ready for Thinking Day at Girl Scouts. They've also been busy with working on earing patches for their vests. They love earning badges. Silly girls.
We've also been busy with more physical activity. This winter has left us pretty sedintary and I don't like that. I like for the girls to be active and that is what they need. So Marilyn, Katie, Hannah and Maggie have taken up karate at the YMCA. The older girls like it, Maggie isn't so sure. But there isn't much you can do with a three year old and karate. LOL. She'll learn to like it though. Maggie has also found she really likes gymnastics instead though. She is a little monkey girl, and its good getting her out and about around other kids about her age. She really needs that because my 3 yr old thinks she's either 6,10 or 12 instead of 3.
Marilyn, Katie and Hannah are continuing on with swimming and they are enjoying that.

Me, I've been working out at the Y at least 3 times a week. I'd like to do it everyday but well being a mom that isn't always possible. So far I have lost 12 pounds and I seem like I am at a standstill with my weight again. Grrr. I'm hoping that I can lose some more here. I'd like to lose about 50lbs if I can. That would be very good for me if I could. I am glad to say these days I am feeling better. I'm not sure what had been ailing me in January. Just that I really was not feeling well at all. It could of been a number of things, my thyroid, stress, the winter weather, not getting enough exercise, not enough vitamin D or B , or heck maybe all of the above. All I know is I've been feeling much better than I had been last month. I still don't feel 100% yet, but its a work in progress. I still think I'm having hormonal issues but its so hard to find a doctor that is willing to work with me and get to the bottom of things so I can get to my old self.

Other then that we are just having a never ending winter. The snow wont' stop. It just won't get warm and just looking at the tundra of snow is getting really old. I want warmth and sunshine. I want to walk outside without a coat, hat , boots and gloves on. I'm just so glad that Feburary is almost over with. Thank goodness its such a short month.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wishing it was Spring

I think I am pretty much done with winter. I am so longing for some warm air and looking around at green grass and leaves on the tree. I long for walking outside without a coat, boots and hat on that's for certain. I am also longing for this school year to be overwith as well. I am so ready to end cyberschooling. Not because its a bad thing, its not at all. Just because I'm one worn out momma from it all.

I love having the girls home and I love teaching them more than anything in the world. I just am finding with me having health issues that I need to use something more mom friendly if that makes any sense. I just have enough on my plate right now.

Dealing this whatever is going on in my body wether it be thyroid related or not has really taken a toll on me. It has taken a toll on me both physically and emotionally. So its definitely time to beging to prioritize what needs to be done for the upcoming school year so things aren't so stressful.