Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pretzels and Counting by Fives

I'll have to admit. I know the two topics don't quite jive with each other. But oh well.

Marilyn has been working on her Junior Girl Scout Badges this week. She has been on super overload because she knows that she is going to bridge to Cadettes this year. It doesn't seem real but Marilyn is just growing up so fast.
So anyways we decided to go at it yesterday and make some pretzels. The girls had a ton of fun making them and they tasted pretty good too. All we needed was some melted cheese to dunk them in. The girls made all types of designs and I made a few myself. It was like playing with playdoh only to know you get to eat it after its all cooked.

Then after that it was on to work with Hannah in learning how to count by fives. This was a little tougher then learning to count by 2's to 12. So I got creative and made a hopscotch game board for the floor. We couldn't go outside due to it raining that day anyways. So I just taped it on the floor and Hannah had fun with it. We'll continue to work on the concept. I'm not to worried if she gets it or not yet because she's only a kindergardener.

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