Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Its the most wonderful time of the year....

Yes, folks it is March and that means only one thing to a homeschooler. Its that time of the year when we homeschoolers keep the mail man busy bringing us homeschool curriculum catalogs. Big ones , small ones , I get them all. Alpha Omega, Ace ,Abeka , BJU, Christian Light, Christian Liberty, Catholic Curricula, Seton. YOu name it. Even the granddaddy of them all Rainbow Resource.With over a thousand pages I feel like I am swimming in homeschool curriculum, and it all looks... soooooo good. There is so much offered to homeschoolers today that its so hard to chose from . Sometimes what looks good doesn't work and those things I passed up end up working in the end.

Today I was looking over the Alpha Omega catalog. I get one every year and its been a long time since I've ordered from them. Their curriculum is a bit on the dry side and it sent my oldest running when she was a 1st grader. I do like the fact they've come out with a health program. I may just give it a try. Not everything from Alpha Omega is bad. We ordered their Body Book one year and it was a fun project.

I've really liked the Christian Light curriculum and my oldest seems to be settling into the curriculum better now too. Just keep fighting with her with the reading. I think CLE has a good reading program. She just doesn't like it for some reason and wants the reading program from BJU. I wanted to try having her read good books but she isn't that cooperative for me.
I am still trying to plan out for this coming school year. Trying to decide what I want to do , what I want to use and who will be staying and going from cyberschooling.
Until then I keep looking and wishing for the right books to jump out at me and say " This is going to work!"

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