Monday, March 30, 2009

Can you say Ackkkkk!

Okay. I know I never asked for this icky white stuff.

What a disappointment to wake up and see this outside my window. Granted what you see in that picture is much later in the day and has been melting away(thank God). Here I thought God was giving us a break and said " Let winter be done." But that is not so , oh no, that is not so. Winter just wants to stick around and it doesn't want to go away.
We've been working feverishly with school work so that we can have a little fun this year and take a break from school work during the summertime. Or at least we're trying our darnedest. Marilyn has been just crazily working on her Junior Girl Scout badges because she knows that she will be bridging over to Cadet this year.
Today was a let's have fun and take some pictures day.

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