Monday, December 1, 2008

Japan Stick book and Hannah's Sentence Book

Thought I would share a few pictures of our Japan stickbook that we made this week and Hannah's sentence book. These two items followed the K12 curriculum.
For our Japan stick book this is what we used :
1. The cover is cardstock with a red circle traced from an old DVD.

2. The first page is an outline map of the country of Japan. We had gotten this off of ABC Teach .

3. The second page I drew a mountain and had Hannah cut it out herself and we pasted some white paper on the top for snow. This is Mt. Fugji!

4.The third page I coped from Homeschoolshare from their Chose a Country Lapbook. I used the Famous Artist Hotdog book , The Weather Cone Pocket, and the Capital Matchbook and Graphic.

5. Page 4 is our Crayola Kimono girl and a small hotdog book with clip art of different things found in a Japanese home ( shijo, futon, tea table).

6. Page 5 is a cut out of the Bullet Train (Shinkensan) and the three modes of transportation in Japan ( bike, kago, rickshaw).

7. Page 6 is a Japanese Tea Party invitation and I cut out a picture of the girls having a Japanese tea party. Hannah was dressed up in her "kimono" made from bed sheets and they sat on the floor and had a fun tea party.
Also on that page I printed clip art of a Bento (Japanese lunch box) and had Hannah draw on the inside of what she would put in her Bento box. Then again from Homeschoolshare's Chose a Country lapbook use their recipe holder and copied a recipe for Nikujaga ( Meat and Potatoes ) from Kids Web Japan

8. Page 7 I cut and pasted an image ( I googled it) of the Japanese alphabet. Cut it out , laminated it and stapled it to the top of the page. We then copied a shape book and wrote Hannah's
name in Japanese ( and wrote a small book of all the Japanese numbers and their characters and I had Hannah write each word ( 1 ichi, 2 ni, etc).

9. Page 8 I copied a bunch of clip art and we made a collage of the different sports played in Japan. We read on the Kids Web Japan website about the different sports and I had Hannah paste them in her book.

10. Last but not least is the Samauri coloring sheet. Hannah colored that and we pasted it on the last page. ( )

In the end this was a fun book to make and it was hard to give up because it turned out so nice. But hey , we can always make another one and I'm sure Hannah's teacher will really like this.

I also made a cute little book with Hannah's sentence assignment. I had her write her sentences for each picture that I had in her book and then cut and pasted them into the book. I took a photo of Hannah and used Microsoft word art to make the title of the book.

I made this by cutting a file folder in half and then tracing on construction paper the outline of the pages and glueing them on to have a nice colorful background. I used the other half of the file folder to go inside the book and I used Elmer's Craft Bond Spray Adhesive. I took a paper towel and cut that in half and put it on both sides and sprayed a small amount in the middle of the book and held the other half down until the new pages stuck to the book.

Hope these ideas stem new ones for all of you.

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faith said...

Great work!:)
Thanks for sharing this post and I love the video.
Here I wanted to add a cute site for your kids to color online or print.