Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas For VACTERL

Since this is the wonderful holiday season it definitley is the time for learning to give then to recieve.
Right now a friend of a VACTERL family is running in a marathon in Dallas and she will be giving all donated monies to the VACTERL Network. This is such a wonderful gift as the VACTERL Network is such a wonderful family resource. Every other year families from all over the world (literally) get together and talk and chat and compare notes. Its a wonderful three days to get to feel like your finally not alone in the world and your surrounded by people who totally understand what you go through.
Children with VACTERL are like snowflakes. Each and every single one of them have different health problems. But the one thing that we all do have in common is we understand what it is like to deal with multiple medical things.
So in the spirit of the season please stop on over and donate as much or as little as you would like. It started off being for just our friend's little boy but it has turned into so much more.
Again all money donated will go to the VACTERL Network and all monies will be used to make next year's conference possible and hopefully will keep the prices down to a minimum so that everyone
who wants to be there can be.

Click on VACTERL Marathon to donate now!!

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