Monday, November 24, 2008

Hello everyone and welcome to Tot School. You can click on the link of the icon on the side bar of our blog here to go there and check it out.
Today we made our very first Totbook. Maggie really enjoyed making it along with Mommy, and I enjoyed making it with her too.
She really liked it and I think it made her feel big like her big sisters.
Here are some pictures.
We made the Noah's Ark Totbook. I made the cover by using Word Art on our Microsoft Word and then finding the clip art from googling Noah's Ark Clip Art.
The inside of the book I cut out the number cards and we sat and counted the animals and noah. I laminated the cards with packaging tape instead of contact paper. This saves alot on contact paper and is much cheaper and sturdier to use. Maggie had lots of fun coloring her color book in the middle and we read the Animal Book about each animal going in the ark two by two.
My next project is to make her letters on bottle tops from water bottles so that she can match them with her name and other words. I will post that when I am done too.
Also I included some pictures of our Matching Colors File Folder games. These are fun and you can find all types of File Folder games for preschoolers that are free to print out online.
Also for good measure I've included a picture of Hannah working on learning ordinal position (1st , 2nd ,3rd).


Laura Jenkins said...

I love this! I am going to try and get some of this printed out for Emma....but need to get our color printer working first lol!

Heather said...

Tracy, you are just amazing, I must say! I need to take some serious notes from you on homeschooling and even homeschooling with multiple children, one with special needs. Thanks for commenting on Timmy's youtube video. I'm definitely going to check back to your site for helpful hints and ideas. Thanks!!!

Carisa said...

HI and thanks for joining up with Tot School! I am glad you liked the Noah's Ark Tot Book, it's one of my favorites too!


Kristin said...


You rock!!!! I was just looking through this site and all the amazing things you do with ALL your girls is too cool! Taking the time to really teach them all. I really admire you. I think Gavin would love some of these activities. I am definitely going to try some of this. Thanks so much for the ideas!