Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Tot Box

Maggie has been enjoying Tot School quite a bit. I have found quite a few wonderful websites along the way to give me more ideas and to help create some things that would be much cheaper then if I bought them. Child Care Land has alot of free printables on their website for preschoolers. Including number cards, file folder games, printable table mats and more. I decided to print some lacing cards and laminated them with packaging tape. Yes, you heard that right. Packaging tape. I have found it alot less expensive and just as durable to use as regular contact and laminating paper.
So began Tot Box. Tot Box is our wonderful items I bring out when I am doing school with Maggie's older sisters. This keeps her busy for a little while and for the most part. In her Tot Box I added in the two Tot Books that I have made. Then her lacing cards , traceable sheets which again I laminated with packaging tape and we use Washable crayons. The sheets I found where from Just and . We experimented with dry erase marker but that was way to messy. Also in her box I included her unifix cubes. Maggie loves to make lots and lots of towers and some paper along with her crayons that we bought at Once Upon a Child. They are neat as they are triangular in shape. Her file folder games are included and her Color Forms that someone from our homeschool group gave us. She loves the Color Forms. I plan on adding more items to her Tot Box but this is what we have so far, and I think we may just need a bigger box. But for now Maggie is enjoying all these fun items in her box.

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