Friday, April 11, 2008

Writing Tales

Hello all . Its been a busy week for us . Yesterday was the girls' swim banquet. After 30 years their coach retired this year . He will be missed but its also a start to a brand new swim era for us as well with a new coach that is bright and energetic that also has good goals for our swim team .
It was a long banquet starting at 5:45 and ending at almost 9 o'clock .
Marilyn , Katie and Hannah looked really nice in their matching dresses and Maggie wore a cute pink outfit . We had a great meal with lots of choices of different Italian dishes , stuffed manicoti , spaghetti and meatballs , chicken alfreado , salad , garlic bread, fruit and cake for desert .
They recieved a nice Corry YMCA swim team book bag and Marilyn recieved her 8th place ribbon from the league championships . We were very proud of them .

Well as far as schooling goes we've been plugging away with our Calvert lessons . I also added in a new writing program called Writing Tales . Its a pretty new program but I'm hoping it will help with Marilyn and Katie's writing abilities . Unfortunatley Calvert doesn't teach writing very well at all and so the end result has been some not so great writing skills . Not handwriting , but the actual writing . I am very hopeful that this program is going to take me step by step and it will help them to improve . It is very important to me that they become effective writers .

I've also started a new support group on Yahoo for those who are wanting to learn more about the writing program and I've been able to team up a bit with the writer of the program too . We are hoping it will be a great place to come to for support , and advice and for the children to share their writing pieces as well .
The link to this is :

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Tina said...

I joined the group! Thanks for starting this. :o)