Thursday, April 24, 2008

Busy , busy , busy

Well I can definitley say we've had quite a busy week . Finishing up enough work to get our test 80 out to the cyberschool . But trying to find some time for regular stuff like field trips and writing with our Writing Tales program .
The girls still love this program as much as when we first started and its so great to see them beginning to enjoy writing . It should be that way . There isn't anything really flashy about the program . Just that its enjoyable and has some fun learning games that go along with it . You add games to anything and my girls are jumping in on the fun . Little do they know they are actually learning ! LOL.
We've been enjoying the beautiful weather outside because its not going to be so beatiful next week .

Monday we went on a field trip to The Hoggie Hut . We've had their pizza . Not a big fan of it, but we bought their subs and they are excellent . We went along with Hannah's preschool class and the kids had alot of fun . Maggie liked watching. I fed her before we went because she wasn't able to have anything they serve there due to her allergies . I think she didn't care and she was more intrigued with everything anyways .

I made two slide shows . One of what we have done this week with Writing Tales , and the other of our field trip to Hoggie Hut . I hope everyone enjoys .

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