Monday, April 14, 2008

Day 3 of Writing Tales

We are still very much enjoying this program and its the first thing the girls want to do in the morning . Which makes me so happy that they are beginning to love to write . Granted we are taking it a bit slower for Katie because narration at this point is a tough thing for her to do . Its definitley something I have to continue to do with her on the side to help build up her confidence . I really think in the long run thought this will help her with her writing skills .
Marilyn is able to work through this a bit faster then Katie but that's alright . Marilyn is older then Katie so she is going to work through it a bit faster . If we get done with it too soon I may follow up with Classical Writing Aesop with her just to spread the program out a bit since there are only two levels of Writing Tales out . I hope that in time we'll have more levels so that I don't have to switch programs because it took me this long to finally find something that works well for the girls .

Marilyn wrote her first rough draft of " The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse" today . I'm so proud of her since this is the most I have ever seen her write on her own , ever !

The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse
by Marilyn

Once upon a time a town mouse went to visit his cousin in the country . His cousin welcomed him with beans and bacon , and cheese and bread . But his cousin said " I cannot understand cousin how you eat like this ." So the town mouse took his cusin to where the town mouse lives . There they ate jellies and cakes . Then they heard barking . The country mouse said " I don't like barking at my dinner. " Then the door flew open and they saw the dogs . " Good-bye cousin, " said the country mouse ." What ! going so soon ? " , said the town mouse . " Yes, " said the country mouse . Better beans and bacon in peace then cakes and ale in fear .

Enjoy the slide show .

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Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

I am so excited to start this program because of excellent feedback like this. :) Thanks for posting this.