Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day , and a Website Giveaway...

Wow! I'll admit every year I've always had a wonderful Mother's Day. But this one has been the best of the best. Not because I had recieved anything but because my daughters were able to recieve something.

This year my two oldest Katie and Marilyn were able to partake in Communion. Marilyn had her first Communion on April 23rd and Katie had her First Communion on Mother's Day. It was truely beautiful and I wished I would have taken my video camera.

We had so much to do that it escaped my mind to bring a video camera but we did bring the camera and did get a little 'video' on it.
None the less everything turned out perfectly and it made for a wonderful mother's day to remember.

Shortly after communion we had a small reception with some cake and punch , and the girls recieved their certificates and a beautiful gift of holy water and a cute little angle receptacle to put their holy water in.

After all this we went up to our inlaws for the first cook out of the year. Our weather has been horrible, terrible this year. Tons of snow in the winter and now lots of rain. This was the first nice day we had were there was sun all day.

Next, onto business here. There is an awesome giveaway from Educational Insights. Its for a $100 gift card for educational toys. I mean, who wouldn't want $100 worth of educational toys? I know I would. I love toys that teach. Makes learning effortless for everyone involved and the fun, well, need I say more?
So the homeschool website Confessions of a Homeschooler is having a giveaway for the $100 giftcard as their thank you for following their blog. So jump on over now and sign up!!!

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+JMJ+ said...

your daughter looks so lovely! congratulations of the milestone day