Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gearing up for Summer Time and the Sneaky Squirrel Giveaway

Wow. I guess I've been a little lazy updating my blog here. Maybe it has to do with the fact we no longer have snow on the ground. We see that bright orange orb in the sky called the sun, and its warm.
Actually today its a little to warm for Maggie. As soon as we stepped outside her face would go into full red. This is because she is on a medicine called Ditropan and it causes her body to retain heat and she can't sweat due to that. So all that heat just builds up and she overheats. Thank goodness for the air conditioner. With out it we would be be in such a huge pickle.

Right now the older three are finishing up school. Tomorrow they have a field day so we'll be having hot dogs and fun. Maggie on the other hand really enjoyed her first day of summer with her mommy. She of course in true fashion needed to do some of her Touch Math. A day isn't complete for her if she hasn't done her Touch math.

Well this really wasn't THE Touch Math. But its math. He, he

Then we followed the rest of the day with just some cuddling, reading stories, watching t.v and I'll admit. It was nice not to have to time my day to the minute because I had to go over to the school to catherize Maggie. Today was just a day to relax , and enjoy.
I'm looking forward to our summer. We don't have to go to Cincinnati until next May. So we are clear to enjoy our summer as far as urology goes. We do need to get to Pittsburgh to check Maggie's spine and get to cardiology to make sure all is well with her heart so that she can have her Malone/Mitrofanoff/kidney removal surgery done.

Sneaky Squirrel Giveaway..
Okay , so in my true Tracy fashion I want to let everyone know about the Sneaky Squirrel Giveaway on the Confessions of a Homeschooler website. It looks to be a very cute game. Jump on over and follow the directions to sign up for the giveway. Good luck to everyone!

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