Thursday, April 21, 2011

Welcome to Homeschool Lite

Okay. So in my boredom I decided to go ahead and change the name of our blog. Its mostly about our educational endeavors so in the spirit of it all I decided to go ahead and give it a fun , educational type name.

I decided on Homeschool Lite and for these reasons:

1) Even though we are not homeschooling right now, we still homeschool. Does that make any sense? My girls attended private school this year but in the beauty of brick and mortar school is I'm basically paying people to educate my children so they can come home and I can actually educate them at home. Ugh. Talk about a 'good' use of money, right? Not really.

2) The Lite came from the fact that I am lightly homeschooling them. I mean the poor little oafs go to school for 6hrs a day. So there is only so much opportunity I have once they get home to challenge them a little more than what they get in school. Granted my girls aren't geniuses but they really do need some challenges in certain areas, and my two older girls need remedial work in math. Maggie is like a little sponge who actually asks me to give her homework even after she's been in school all day. I just let her do as much as she wants. I don't push it , she does.

3) They eventually will all return home. Homeschooling really is a part of who we are as a family. Regardless of what my 13yr old wants to think. The school this year is not having their 7th and 8th grades due to lack of enrollment. So home they will come. We really did and still do have fun as a family and since God gave us one life to live. Why not do live it the way that makes us all happy? I think the only thing I would wish differently is that homeschoolers in our area would actually walk of their houses and start doing some fun things together as families and quit being such hermits. We really do need activities to do for our children, friendships to be made. Until homeschoolers in our area quit being antisocial homeschooling will just not be looked upon in a good light. I've even noticed some families coming in to the girls' schools that are homeschoolers right now. Their BIG complaint? No real social outlet for their children. We really need to open our eyes and so something about it.

If you've noticed on the side right at the very top. I slaved over making a button for my blog too. I am not that technologically educated. I've always been comfortable with the basics of computer stuff. Finding what I need on the internet by Googling, typing on a blog, using Facebook. I'm slowly learning but not as fast as I wish. There are lots of things I wish I could do with my blog to make it more neat looking like some of the other blogs I've seen. I'm sure I'll figure that out. But in the meantime this is what my blog will look like until I get it figured out.

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