Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Horray for Spelling!

I'll have to admit I am impressed with my girls today. I had signed them up to participate in their cyberschool's National Spelling Bee. Yes, the National Spelling Bee that you see on television. This was the school's first try at it this year. They won't always be able to participate at the national level but the school will always hold a Spelling Bee. Which is great because it really encouraged my girls to really try hard at improving their spelling.

I had fun creating a spelling file folder for them ( which I don't have a picture of at the moment because the flash on my camera went and it won't take good pictures) so they could study their spelling words. We worked on this for an entire month, and today was the day!

Marilyn impressed me by getting first place , with two other first place kids in her 6th grade class, and Katie was a runner up for the 4th grade class. Hannah gave it a try and she tried her hardest but couldn't spell egg and macaroni. I told her at least she tried her very best and she did.
Now they have this under their belt and can someday tell their children that they participated in the National Spelling Bee.

Way to go girls!

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Linda said...

Great job to your girls!

I am on the CLE Yahoo group with you, I love your blog.

Praying that your BP is doing better. That must feel awful!