Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wishing it was Spring

I think I am pretty much done with winter. I am so longing for some warm air and looking around at green grass and leaves on the tree. I long for walking outside without a coat, boots and hat on that's for certain. I am also longing for this school year to be overwith as well. I am so ready to end cyberschooling. Not because its a bad thing, its not at all. Just because I'm one worn out momma from it all.

I love having the girls home and I love teaching them more than anything in the world. I just am finding with me having health issues that I need to use something more mom friendly if that makes any sense. I just have enough on my plate right now.

Dealing this whatever is going on in my body wether it be thyroid related or not has really taken a toll on me. It has taken a toll on me both physically and emotionally. So its definitely time to beging to prioritize what needs to be done for the upcoming school year so things aren't so stressful.

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