Thursday, May 28, 2009

Stroller frenzy

I'll admit. I enjoy using a good stroller. One that is sturdy and one that will last a long time. Our last stroller I literally had it for eleven years. I used this stroller and kept such good care of it that it went through Marilyn , Katie , Hannah and the first year of Maggie's life until the tires fell apart. That's not bad for something that is made in today's world.

I ordered the Avila stroller as the medical company Allegra was having an awesome sale... free shipping. Gotta love it.
The one thing we didn't like was the fact the stroller was on back order and the company's website didn't state that it was. Other then that the shipping is insanely fast. I was emailed yesterday saying the stroller was shipped out only to recieve it today! I guess I can forgive that.

It was for the most part very simple to put together. The Avila stroller came mostly assembled in the box. All I had to do was put the bars in the back together and then add some back tires.
Of course when it comes to me putting things together I insist on NOT reading the directions. I'm not sure where that comes from. Usually guys have a habit of doing that, but since I'm not a guy I'm not sure why I do what I do.
The back tires were the most difficult part because I had to add a small pin at the end of the back tire to hold it in before adding on the little cap. That was just not fun. Luckily I had Marilyn to help me with that one. It was one of those Farkle family moments and of course a few choice words were coming out of my mouth as this was all taking place.

After all of the cussing and pulling we finally got this put together....

And in the end we had one Happy Maggie:

I also have a Kidsert that was wonderfully given to us by another family that I didn't take pictures of it yet. Maggie insisted on taking it out when I wanted it in. Of course by the end of the evening she wanted the Kidsert back in. She calls it her carseat. Silly girl.

Thought you would all enjoy a quick funny brought to you by Maggie Reed. I caught her dancing to Alvin and the Chipmunks today. She didn't know I was standing there for some time and I think she eventually sensed my evil presence.


Jeannie Fulbright said...

Hi Tracy!

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Laura said...

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Laura said...

Well, it looks like the link got cut off! Just visit by June 8 and you'll find it on the first page!