Saturday, May 23, 2009

Maggie says hello

Okay. So I've been having a little fun with our new toy. We have finally after two years have saved up for a video camera. I sure do wish we had it a lot sooner. Actually we did have a video camera but it was a video tape type and that was around when Marilyn and Katie were little and we have one video tape of them before the camcorder had died. Ever since we really didn't have one and boy my life has been lost without it. Though its a luxury item. We really don't buy luxury things very often.

Well anyways. I had some fun with it today and Maggie decided she wanted to say hello to her VACTERL friends Eithene and Benji. So I hope that everyone enjoys. Don't mind my annoying voice in the background, or the fact the video is a little shaky, OR the fact that Maggie insisted to get really close to the camera at certain times, OR the fact that she gets a "brain fart" when she sings the last verse of the ABC song. LOL.


Teresa said...

I'll have to wait until I get on the computer tonight to watch the video! Can't wait to see it. Sounds funny!! That's so awesome you have a video camera. I think it's important to record those memories:-). I still need to email you back!! I had lots to say...hehe.

Hope things are going well!
Teresa & Emma

Kristin said...

OMG, Tracy, she is getting so big and she is so precious!!! She really talks so well for her age! Loved the video. I want to get a video camera sometime, but like you guys, I will have to save up for a luxury like that. :)

So glad that you guys seem to be doing so well. :)