Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu , oh my!

Okay. I'm going to admit that since all of the hoopla with the media that I've been a bit paranoid about the whole swine flu thing. Even more so since we are planning to travel to Philidelphia.
Wouldn't you know though that the first case of swine flu in Pennsylvania was reported tonight and do you know where? Philidelphia. All I can do is scream on the inside. Of course we are still going to go( unless things get bad). Its not until the end of June and so flu season will be considered more then done and over with. BUT at the same time germs are germs and I don't think they care what time of the year it is.
One thing is for sure we pray that we don't get this swine flu. The crazy part is where there are germs , there are my daughters. They seem to catch everything for some reason. We homeschool yet they still catch these ooglie germs. It doesn't help we live in an apartment complex, but still. I guess it goes to show that my girls prove the saying that children are walking balls of human germs.LOL.

Kidding aside though I'm praying that we don't catch this bug at all and that this paranoia of mine can be put to rest once it all fizzles out.

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Christine said...

Hey there - do you have M on probiotics for boosting the immune system? I recommend them highly for everyone traveling. You can order them online or get them at a Whole Foods or other natural food store. They rock. As does echinacea.