Saturday, April 11, 2009

Free is good

The one great thing about knowing so many people online is the fact that I learn so much from them.
While on my mission to try and save a little money and find some great freebies. I came upon this on one of my friend's blog.

This awesome offer is from Clean Up that Filthy House Just click on Promotions and Offers( on the left hand side) and sign up for a completely 100% free offer of Magie Clean Erasers. I love these things. I keep some stashed away for those times that Maggie is deciding to use her artistic vision on my walls.

Then my next awesome freebie was from Fisher Price. A free DVD called Precious Places.

I really think that Hannah and Maggie will like this DVD. They like Princess stuff.
You can get this great deal at Fisher Price
Just click on the word , then once your on their site just click the little link on the upper right hand side that says country and it will get you started.
This too is 100% free with no shipping and handling charge too.

I'm really hoping that I can learn to gleen from my friend on how to use coupons to get lots of things for practically nothing. Once I get that figured out I will be good to go.

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