Monday, February 2, 2009

The Value of a Dollar and Science Fun

I do have to admit that the one way I can motivate my daughters is with a dollar. The girls have been diligently saving their money they get from the tooth fairy and from doing chores here at home. Marilyn managed to save $32, Katie had around $20 and Hannah about $15. So today we trekked off to my favorite store Target, and the girls found some Littlest Pet Shops and Hannah found a baseball glove and Dora baseball that she likes. I also managed to pick up some little boy clothes for our neighbor who had her little boy last Wednesday. It was fun buying little boy clothes. The girls had fun picking out the outfits too. They are like little mother hens.
We are gearing up for our trip to Cincinnati. We are planning a few things to do on the way. Such as going to the Creating Museum , the zoo and aquarium , the Children's Museum and what not. I'm glad to know that the weather will be decent while we are there for the next three weeks.

On the school front Marilyn is enjoying her new homeschool freedom. I can definitely say that I feel less stressed that's for sure. So far we have started a little bit into our Apologia Swimming Creatures science book. I have bought the lapbook CD that goes along with this book. I'm not sure when I'll start it. Maybe next month when we get back from our trip. I've also started printing out the stuff for our Time Travelers History Course. Again something that is probably not going to get started until March. We've also been working with our Writing Tales and Marilyn is really enjoying that much better and its nice to see a smile on her face and her willingness to do more. She loves her Geography book. Basically I bought a workbook called Maps Charts and Graphs and she is enjoying it. Math right now we are just working on her mulitplication. Just doing drill sheets and waiting until we get her Christian Light for reading , math and grammar. This is the last of the stuff we've been waiting for from everything I've ordered so far in the mail. I'm surprised its taking so long to get to us since CLE is located in Virginia. I know media mail can take up to 2 weeks but still. All I'm hoping is that it comes before we leaves. I honestly won't be happy if it doesn't.

Also we've been working on some fun science projects. Marilyn grew some crystals. It is just too cool. We used Epsom salts and we really got a great result and the crystals grew fast too. We also worked on trying to make a rain cloud in a bottle but it didn't work and we had fun playing a weather science file folder game that we found on a file folder website. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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