Thursday, February 5, 2009

Second Day with Christian Light

Well since we have so much going on this week preparing for our trip our Christian Light materials had came in the mail. I'll admit at first glance everything looks great. I really like how thorough the curriculum is. The reading to me is great and the stories are really interesting. The Language arts is everything I am looking for in a program and the math is excellent too. Think of Saxon math on steriods. CLE math is much less formulatic,and more like a combination of a mastery and spiral math program rolled into one.

Now on the other hand if you asked my daughter she doesn't like the reading , its just not a flashy reading program for her. She doesn't like that math. Because it makes her think. Well at least that would be what she would of told you a few days ago. The math is getting a little bit better for her and the reading , well she still doesn't like it. I did ask her to bear with me for a little while with it all. That we are just starting out on our own so its going to take a while to find what works and what doesn't. Just right now I need for her do be doing more work independently and this curriculum will help her do that.
Right now I'm just having her focus on her reading, math and LA. We can work on science and history later on when we get home next month. The crazy part is I wish I could of pulled out my other two from the cyberschool. I most definitely feel less stressed having one of them out at the moment. It would be even better for me if I had the other two out so I wouldn't have to worry about getting things done at the moment when I will need to focus on Maggie. But like all things we will get through it all. We always have and always will.

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Eaglemyst said...

Hello! I've been trying to decide whether or not to purchase the CLE or Saxon math. I like the Saxon in that the teachers manual it tells you verbatim how to teach the concept so that if I'm rusty it will teach me too!

I guess my question is, is CLE's TM pretty comprehensive or does it just give you a couple of examples on how to work the problems?