Monday, November 3, 2008

Katie's Math Mini Office

Well its not to often I do two posts in one day but we completed Katie's mini office today and she wanted to share it.
What is a mini office you ask? Its like a lapbook but is designed like a small office that has information for the child for when it is needed. Its not a cheat sheet. But a reference so it can cut down on that never ending question ... " Mom what does..... mean? Or Mom how do you spell....? The child has the info right there in front of them to reference, and I can continue to teach my other child without being interrupted. Phew! That was long wasn't it?
This turned out really neat and I do need to get a laminating machine for Christmas because I am not good with laminating paper. But this is our first and I'm sure we'll continue to get better with this as time goes on.

The first picture is that of our cover. I traced Katie's Hands and wrote right and left on them. The picture that I printed out was from Busy Teachers Cafe (

Some of the pictures inside are a mix from Busy Teachers Cafe and Lapbook Lessons Mini Office link ( )

The only thing I had to do was write a small square for keywords for multiplying and dividing with word problems. I could of typed them and printed it out. But ink is just getting to darned expensive to print out something I can write out.

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joan's blessings said...

just dropping in to check up on your family. It's been a while...boy, do the home school memories come back real quick even though it's been 8 years since we finished hsing...
joan & hannah grace