Thursday, May 22, 2008

Graduation Day

Spring has sprung and I wish the weather was a bit better today . But its cloudy , cool and I guess I shouldn't complain since we actually had a day last week where we saw snow fall from the sky .
Today is Hannah's graduation from preschool . My baby is growing up . Sniff , sniff . But its a new chapter for Hannah as she will begin her homeschool journey with her two older sisters now . Hannah is actually excited about it . I thought she would be sad . But she isn't . So I am really glad .

Marilyn is beginning to show signs of a hormonal teen and she's only 10 . She and I have been having not so good days lately and I don't like that . She feels if she doesn't like to do something when it pertains to her school work , then by golley she thinks she doesn't have to do it by telling me " I don't want to do it . I don't like it . " Well , to that I say " There are A LOT of things in life we have to do that we don't like to do . "

We've been plugging away getting our Test 100 out this week . I will just be so happy to get this cyberschool stuff done . In all actuality I'm burnt out from this curriculum . It doesn't fit us well at all , its dry and boring and makes me want to sleep half of the time . I know that all learning can't be fun . But man this makes it awful when you use things that don't work well for your children . I've found if we use anything but the Calvert that the girls learn better . Period . So I'm on the fence as to wether we will continue with cyberschooling and just venture out on our own . Of course its still a thought in process. But I'm sure when we finally do move I'll be able to come up with the answer .

On the lapbook front Marilyn has been feverishly working on her Birds in our Backyard lapbook . This will be a gift to her grandpa who love bird watching . This monstrocity of a project will hopefully be done in time for grandpa's birthday in July . We are just about finished with Katie's Gods of Greece . This one took a little while to put together because it was something we did on our own . I had to think really hard as to what I wanted to add to the lapbook each day . But we're nearing to the end . Hannah is working on her Frogs lapbook since we now have a new addition to our home . Nine little tadpoles . Which daddy has so fondly adopted . We enjoy watching them swim around the air hose . Letting it take them up and then they come down and come back around and do it all over again . One would think they were making their own game . They have one little leg growing . So I'm sure pretty soon we'll have to add a log or stick in the fish tank to let them hop up on .
All three of the girls are working on a Lapbook made by a Catholic mom . Its called The Seven Sacraments . Marilyn and Katie are doing really well . I've had to adapt it a bit for Hannah since of course she can't write long sentences and read yet . So we use lots of pictures or I write the info in for her . The girls have been really creative with it and I can't wait to see how it all turns out in the end . Of course I'll post a slide show of it after we are finished .
If anyone is interested in Catholic lapbooks you can go to her website at :
Its a new business and a new website . So she is working feverishly on many requests from families already . Hopefully soon we will be getting the lapbook download for the Prayers . I am most sure we will enjoy working on that as well .

As for Writing Tales we are still working away on it . The girls will be working on their final draft and I will be adding that here soon as well . I always enjoy seeing what they come up with .

To end my post . I thought I would post this link to a funny song called " No Child Left Behind " . It pretty much sums up how I feel about this state testing as well .

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