Friday, May 30, 2008

Hannah's graduation and Katie's Gods of Greece Lapbook

Hello all . Been mighty busy trying to wrap up school here for the year . I thought I'd do a quick update of all our homeschooling adventures this past week .
Hannah graduated from Preschool . She did such a wonderful job and her teachers did a wonderful job putting the graduation ceremony all together . I've added a slide show of all the wonderful pictures that Marilyn took . I was busy with Maggie so Marilyn the photographer took some amazing pictures for me .

We have finished our Detectives in Togas . What a good read . I recommend this book for anyone who has children in grades 3 and up . I enjoyed reading this book quite a bit . Is it one of the great books of literature ? No . But if you want a suspenseful story to read to young children this is it . We enjoyed the fact that each chapter left you wanting to find out what happened next . We also enjoyed the Roman facts that were spread out throughout the book . Marilyn was able to pick up on those things that we've studied this year in Ancient Roman history . Again we highly recommend it for a fun , mysterious book that has a surprise ending !

Our enjoyable science project has been growing tadpoles . Hannah had gotten nine tadpoles from her preschool teacher . So we got out our aquarium and began to 'grow' our tadpoles . We have really enjoyed watching these little 'guys' grow ALOT ! Tim has seemed to grow attatched to them . I think he likes the fact he isn't the only guy in the house right now . He even had gone out and bought the rocks and they were blue , green and grey . I mean really , he said he didn't want to feminize these little critters with girly colors .LOL! Today we have 2 froglets , 3 of them are getting ready soon to go on land and we have 4 still on the verge to get their arms . We're trying to not repeat the Frog Massacre of 2006 when we had a bunch of tadpoles and they all died unfortunatley . Some drowned because I didn't know when to put something in there for them to get to the air , most of them starved to death after they became froglets because I just wasn't getting them the right food and one accidently got squished because it got under a chair after it jumped from Marilyn's hand . So we're definitley trying to stay ahead of the game .

Next on to our lapbooks . The girls really have enjoyed this new past time . Even though they don't realize that they are learning something while doing " arts and crafts" . I can happily say that we have gone through ALOT of glue sticks :>) But its worth it because it all looks great in the end . Katie finished her Gods and Goddesses book . This was quite an undertaking as I wasn't sure what I wanted in it and where we were going to put it in the book . But it really did turn out nice .
So I'll end this blog tonight with the slide show of this as well .

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Tina said...

Very nice lapbook. The clip art is cute. :)