Thursday, August 11, 2011

Water Colors,Oil Pastels, and Collages

Okay, I hope that you all have something tasty to sip and drink while you read this post. It will be a long but fun post to read. Especially if your looking for some fun crafty ideas to do with your kiddos before school starts.

I'll admit it was a bit of a topsy turvy art day. I had four kids going doing different art mediums at different times since we would start and wait for some to dry. Or they were able to be done in a single setting. Once one person was done with an art project they wanted to jump to the next. It was a bit crazy but very nice to see the girls so gung ho with their art projects.

The first they tacked on was their collages. I'll just go ahead and post them all together even though they got them done at different times of the day. Hannah's collage was the sandwich collage which was posted in my last post.

Collage : French word for glue.

This first picture is of Maggie with her Stop signal collage. It was super easy to make. Paper cut into a thin background and three circles. Then she sat and ripped up the stop signal colors : Red for stop, Yellow for slow down, and Green for Go. She had tons of fun gluing on the construction paper and we talked about the colors.

This is Marilyn's collage. This is her landscape collage. We scoured the magazines we had for landscaping pictures, cut them out and laid them all on the table. Marilyn picked and chosed what she wanted to use and voila'. Of course Marilyn is going to try another collage tomorrow and she will pick which one she wants to enter into the fair.

Next, is Katie's collage. This is her water color collage. The background was painted in a solid water color. On another sheet of paper Katie drew shapes and lines and dots and then once it dried she ripped them (not cut them) out and placed them where she wanted them , then added some yarn to complete her picture.

Speaking of water colors. I decided to make my own. I had found an awesome recipe online for it. It was simple to make.With just 3 Tablespoons of Baking Soda, 3 Tbsp of Corn starch, 3 Tbsp of Vinegar and 1 1/2 tsp of light corn syrup. You too can create your own water colors and trust me its less expensive and the colors are just amazingly better then those cheapo water colors you get at the store. You mix the ingredients, then use food coloring to make your colors. I can say that if you use the pasty gel food coloring you will get brighter colors. I just poured the water color solution in my saline water bottle caps ( they were nice and round and big enough) and added the colors and mixed them there. You can use them as is when your done or let them sit for 24 hrs and then wet them and use.

The supplies you need.

The caps I used with the water color solution. You can use any type of cap. But these saline bottle caps that we get for Maggie were perfect.

Add your food coloring. You can use the regular or gel type food coloring. Regular food coloring will give you more of a pastel look and the gel will give you a thicker brighter look. Just a few drops in each cap will do you. The more you use the brighter the color. I just wouldn't go past 6 to 8 drops though. Anymore than that is to much (trust me).

This is the messy part of creating your water colors. I suggest wearing some rubber gloves while doing this. Unless you don't mind having your hands stained. You know, kind of like mine are now. Don't worry if you slop the color a little on the lid. Doing this let me know what some colors where. When they are wet some of the colors like the copper , orange and red look kind of the same. By slopping a little on the lid showed me what color each was. Sometimes the purple, and black looked the same while wet. So its kid of like a color code for grown ups and kids.

This is what they looked like dried 24 hours later.

After this adventure it was time to move on to our Oil Pastel portraits. These turned out really nice. The girls had lots of fun doing these.

This photo is of Marilyn's "Klee Portrait". This portrait is inspired from the artist Paul Klee who was into using geometric shapes in his drawings. Marilyn did a super job and she entitled it " The depressed guy".

Next up was Katie's abstract version of the"" Figure 5 in Gold. Except her picture is the "Figure 7 in Purple".

Hannah was the next in line to create an oil pastel. I wasn't sure if I would be able to find something easy enough for her to do that would be different than what her sisters were doing. But as luck found it I did find something that was different and simple enough for her to do all on her own. She did a super job on it too. This is Hannah's version of Kadinsky's abstract of " Abstract of Squares"

Last but not least was Maggie. I knew I had to find something simple enough for her to do too. So we decided on a Hands oil pastel. Now of course the hands are supposed to touch each other and meet but her little hands weren't big enough, but we made due. Plus I love how her four fingered hand added such power to her picture.One only Maggie can do. We entitle it : Diversity

The picture was tough for her to do as there was lots of coloring and Maggie's hands get tired quickly. So we broke the project up through out the day so she could start and stop when she wanted to. The finished product though was fantastic for a 5 year old.

Well there you go folks. We had a super day of art and I couldn't have done it all without the awesome website I found the other day: Art Projects for Kids
I'll admit when I first found the site I wasn't sure what it was. If it was an instructional website or a website that sold stuff. Well, its both. If you scroll down a little bit and look to the left you will see a bar that says " Labels". There you can click links by grade level, artist, or topic, and pictures and descriptions will pop up. This website is spectacular in teaching art by the Masters. Also giving children the opportunity to make their own "Master" paintings. I'm not sure how well they will go over at the fair , we'll see. But they are all 1st place creations to me.

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