Thursday, August 4, 2011

Online Curriculum Sale

After sifting throug all of my curriculum and reading about the Online Curriculum Sale that is being hosted by a blog I follow. I thought I'd jump at the chance to purge our shelves of items I am no longer using and are taking up space in our apartment to make way for the new stuff that should be coming in the next few weeks.

So here we go everyone. Shipping is extra and I will try and ship the least expensive way I can. Just email me at if your interested in anything. I do have Paypal and prefer it. But I will also take check and money orders as well. I will ship as soon as Paypal or check clears.
Also I'm sure I'll find more stuff but I'll post what I have pictures of right now.

Algebra 1/2 2nd edition with answer key. May have a little shelf wear with the answer key but otherwise in good condition. I'm asking $15 or Best Offer

Saxon Algebra 1/2 3rd edtion answer key. I had gotten the wrong answer key. This has a little bend in the cover of the book. Otherwise good to go. Asking $5

Saxon 6/5 2nd edition , textbook and tests.. asking $15 , has some shelf wear. Otherwise in useable condition.

Saxon 6/5 1st edition Answer Key. This does not go with the 2nd edition I have. Asking $2.50

Saxon 5/4 2nd edition. Textbook and answer key. Answer key cover is a bit bent and has a small chunk out the back. Inside in good condition,. Text in good condition. Asking $10

Saxon 1 teacher manual. Current. BIG Manual. I can see if I can ship it flat rate to save on expense. In good condition. It may possibly have some stray pencil marks but not sure, but still in very usable condition. Asking $15

Saxon K Teacher's Manual. Has one page from the back that was cut out for manipulatives. I still have it and will slide it in with the manual. Otherwise in good conditon. May possibly have some stray marks. Can ship flat rate to save on expense, big manual... asking $10

The Reading Lessons. the cover has some shelf wear and I had to tape a side. I've had it for 7yrs and now its time to pass it on. Asking $13 for the book

K12 Phonics Works Advanced Program. This program is sold for $249 on Christian I barely used this at all. Most of it is still in shrink wrap. There were a couple of books that got bent. I think it happened when I put one of the tile folders in and didn't realize it. This kid comes with two tile kits, 30 readers, training DVD, dry erase pens, and board, and small dry erase board. Asking $180

How to Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons. This book too has been well loved. This was the very first book I used with my oldest daughter when we first started homeschooling. The cover has been taped on but the inside is still in excellent condition. Asking $8

Your Baby Can Read. Are you wondering if you can teach babies and young children to read. Well look no further because it actually works! I wished I had known about it when my girls were actually babies. I didn't learn about Your Baby Can Read until my 4th child was 3 yrs old. I had never talked to anyone that had an early reader that used the program. I figured early readers were little geniuses and those weren't my girls. They never just one day woke up and started reading. So we purchased this program with little hopes and boy was I wrong. My 4yr old by far is my best reader out of my girls. This set has the Volumes 1-5 DVDs. Chunky Flashcards for Volumes 1-5. Books for Volumes 1-4. We had to purchase the Volume 5 seperately. It also has a Your Baby Can Learn ( which is now Your Baby Can Discover) book,,, everything is in good condition, Asking $100 for the entire set.

Abeka 3 Math Teacher's Manual. I had gotten this in hopes to actually buy the program, but it never happened. The book has some shelf wear but totally usable. Not sure if this is current or not. Asking $8 for it.

I know I have more stuff. I just need to go through it all. But I figured that this was a good start.


jeffreymwhite1 said...

Thanks for sharing. It's nice to see what you're doing since your Calvert beginnings. May I ask you a question about Saxon K?

Tracy said...

Sure :>) I enjoyed Saxon K. Very gentle program. Great for starting a child out that isn't writing yet.

jeffreymwhite1 said...

On days without a scheduled lesson, you are supposed to review the meeting book, but the scripted lessons say, "This is the second day we've used the meeting book." How does that work with coloring and numbering arrows?

Laura said...

I just noticed on BrillKids that Maggie is 5 today.