Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Tied Dyed Summer

Okay, so what's a summer without making a tied dyed t-shirt, right?
I've had the dye here for some time and it had just been sitting on our shelf. While the girls were away at summer camp I had the opportunity to clean out their rooms( I'll spare the picture) and clean out their close drawers. I found some white shirts that we had that had some stains on them so I thought what a good way to salvage them but to do tie dye.

Tie dying is both fun and messy all at the same time. Its hard to give up the reigns to the little ones. I wanted it to be their shirt so trying not to help to much was tough because I just didn't want they dye all over the place.

Here are some fun pictures of Marilyn tie dying her shirt:

Marilyn soaking her shirt in the special stuff....

Marilyn dying her shirt

The finished product!

Before we completely finished our shirts they had to sit around a while so we went up to Grammy and Pumpkin's house to have a picnic with cousins Kora and Collin who are up visiting from North Carolina.

The kids had fun playing and towards the end we got a great picture of them all. Everyone is just growing up just way to fast for me.

We've had such an awesome summer so far. Its not finished yet. We still have our Waldemeer picnic left before school starts. Here's to our 2011 summer!

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jeffreymwhite1 said...

Your shirts are beautiful, tie-dye can be hard to do. It's nice to see you back regular posting. Did you already post your curriculum choices?