Monday, July 18, 2011

Monkisee Review: Action Words!

Monki See, monkey do, I can read so can you. Learning is so much fun to do. Monki See, Monkey Do.
Those are the famous words sung by my four year old as she watches her new Monki See video.

Children can watch as Olivia, Howie and Skip introduce words such as run, skip , walk , crawl, shake, wave, spin, dance,and swim to name a few. They also have the opportunity to do the action words right along with the children in the video making this a great video for all types of learners, using sight, hearing and kinesthetic learning.

Here are some of the things that Maggie really enjoyed :

She loved seeing a big kid on the video.
Generally reading videos like these are geared towards infants and young toddlers. Hence they show babies and young toddlers. Granted Maggie loves babies, but I think that older children want to see someone more like them having fun with learning just like they do.
She loves the movement. Maggie is a mover and a shaker. The more she moves around , the more she loves it. Out of all of the Monki See videos this by far is her favorite one at the moment.
I'll admit even my 7yr old enjoyed the funny song at the end of the video as well.

What I like about Action Words was :

It truly was an interactive video. Using puppets, people, and video. It reminded me of Sesame Street with the combination of them both. Its simple with not to much distraction yet just enough to keep a child's attention.

That it has them moving and shaking. With its catchy little song children can dance to the music while they are learning to read at the same time.

That the video combines the whole song on a different 'slide'. You can chose to watch the whole show or chose to just put the song on for your child.

Over all this is another great product by Monkisee that will definitely keep children's attention, and will motivate them to learn at the same time.

We give this video a two thumbs up in learning, enjoyment and entertainment.

Way to go Monki See for making another fun learning video that children can learn from and enjoy!

Disclaimer: We were not paid for our opinion of the program. Just given the DVD to view and give my own opinion.

If you've read this far here is a quick video of Maggie having fun dancing to the "We Run " Song..

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Krista G. said...

Nice review, Tracy! Glad to hear Maggie likes it. I love the video you posted of her enjoying the "We Run" song. Thanks!