Monday, March 14, 2011

Monkisee Giveaway Winner

Hello everyone. So sorry that I didn't get to the giveaway winner sooner. I'm sure you all wanted to know who it was.

My little one caught a viral crud that just didn't want to go away, and I was so superbusy with Girl Scout cookie money retrival that I almost forgot about it.

Thankfully enough I just remembered yesterday so I wrote all of the names on paper and we put them in a bucket that I had from Halloween and I had Miss Maggie pick the winner out of the Halloween Bucket. I should have video taped it but of course didn't think to do that.

So without further adue the Monkisee winner of the Three DVD set is ..........


Erica you have two days to contact me with your name, address so we can get these sent out to you. If not I will have to draw another name out of the Halloween bucket. My email address is :

Thank you everyone for participating. That was super fun and I'm hoping to be able to do another one sometime soon

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