Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Brillkids Discount Offer

I am happy to say I'm loving this. Anything to share something with someone else always makes me feel really excited.
With the myriad of things making their way onto the market for babies and young children. Its not hard to get excited when some kind of offer or discount comes my way.

With the many things I've used with Maggie to teach her to read I'll have to admit that as for an all in one program I love Brillkids.
You say to yourself, well what about Your Baby Can Read and Monkisee? To me these are the most excellent video programs out on the market for little ones. But as for a computer based reading program, well, Brillkids is the bomb!

We have been very fortunate that we've been able to use Brillkids. It all started innocently one day when I joined a Yahoo group and saw a link. I just had to click it! By doing so it took me to another world that I had no idea existed. You know, a world where little children actually have the ability to learn whatever it is you give them. Wow! You mean that they don't have to be school aged to learn this stuff?

So hence we gave the Brillkids program a try. They have a 9 day trial to see if its something you and your child would like. I'll admit the first few times Maggie wasn't all to interested. But then again we were doing the Your Baby Can Read at the time and that was more interesting. After a few days though all of a sudden she became VERY interested in it because you can download a ton of videos, powerpoints and so on to your Little Reader and I came upon this cute little video, I then downloaded. So after she was finished watching YBCR she quickly wanted to watch her favorite video. Every since Brillkids is something we do everyday.

There are several things I love about the program. I like that its all done for me. I don't have to waste marker ink to make cards, I don't have to worry about when to switch to new words, or count. The Little Reader program does that all for me. On top of that I can find lots of fun educational videos for Maggie to watch. Which she loves by the way. I can find lots of Encyclopedic Knowledge information all there, ready for me to print out. No need to spend countless hours of making them myself. Last, but not at all the least is the access to countless foreign languages. Maggie has been on a Chinese kick. So I can pull up Powerpoints and the Little Reader Chinese program and she can sit and watch. She loves it! My older daughters very much love that part of the program. Just the other day Marilyn and Maggie were home with the ick and we sat and watched the Chinese slides on Little Reader. Fun was had by all that day that's for sure. He, he

With all of this said Brillkids is a wonderful product. Something I wished was around about , oh say, 13 years ago.
what's even more amazing that I've learned so far is that not only can 'healthy' children learn to read but children with special needs can too. I have seen amazing blogs, videos etc , on children with Down's syndrome, autism, and brain injured children actually learn to read. I mean seeing a child like Maggie , who has physical health problems ( no mental challenges) learn to read so well its amazing. But its even more amazing to see children with special needs learn to read.

Brillkids also think its amazing and is offering an awesome offer. You can go to this blog to read more about it :

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