Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Time has flown-Happy Birthday Baby girl

It sure has been a while since I last posted on here. As I was sitting and looking over old photos of the girls it really did remind me how fast time goes by. That we should enjoy each and every day we are here on earth.

Anyways I thought I would share some old photos that I found of Maggie. I can't believe my baby girl is going to be three on August 8th.

This was Maggie's first day home after having surgery on her bottom. That dress was to be her dress that she was going to having her baby pictures taken in. That never happened but we did get this photo. I'm planning on getting it photoshopped so she will never know that she didn't get them like her sisters did.

Here Maggie was 6 weeks old. To us life was good and we thought our health stuff was over. If we only had known that it was just the beginning of life with VACTERL.

This was a cute picture of Maggie that I took.

In this picture Maggie was 4 months old. This was the day before she was admitted into the hospital. Little did we know she was extremely ill. Of course if you can't tell she was very underweight for 4 months old.

This was how we spent Maggie's 1st Christmas and that wasn't the only hospitalization she had. Just one of the few that I had my camera with me. That was a long Christmas because we spent 2 weeks hospitalized to find out she had kidney/urological problems.

Here is a picture of Maggie and her 1st birthday. Of course I think a few days after this she went in the hospital for being dehydrated. But we sure did have a fun time with her first birthday. I even made a homemade allergy free cake for her along with the frosting, and you know what? It was a good cake!

Here is a silly picture of Maggie. She was eating her "ice cream", actually sorbet and wasn't to happy it wasn't the real stuff.
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This was a cute picture of Maggie that I took.

This picture just cracks me up. Actually it was taken as part of a project Marilyn was working on for her American Explorers lapbook. She decided to dress her sisters up into tribal warriors and take some pictures to add in her book. I'll tell you we had fun dressing up and doing face painting. Even if it is during the summer time! LOL

And here is my baby girl now! She is going to be three in 10 days. Happy Birthday to you my Baby girl! I am so proud to be your mommy. You have taught me so much. I can definitely say I am blessed to have such beautiful and wonderful daughters. God has truely blessed me.


krishna kashyap av said...

Really cute and funny pictures..
Thanks for sharing them..
They really cheer up..
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Jennifer said...

It's nice to meet you (and Maggie). Evan is 19 months now. It's hard to find other VACTERL families out there. Love that tribal picture, BTW!