Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer and Cheerleading Camp

We sure have had a wonderfully fun summer. This summer Marilyn made 1st runner up for Little Miss Corry. We couldn't be more proud of her that's for sure. I will set up the video from all of that as soon as I can. It takes a long time to download video on a computer. Hopefully someday that process can be sped up a bit.

This week(July-9.09)the girls finished up Cheerleading camp. This was the third year of cheerleading camp that has been set up at our high school. It began as a fundraiser to help costs for the cheerleaders and has grown to be a huge and popular program in our area. This is also Marilyn's third year and Katie's 2nd year. They truely have a lot of fun with this camp and its great exercise.
The one other thing I realized this year is that next year will be Marilyn's last year of the summer camp and last year of Vacation Bible Schools. I'll admit I feel a little lost as to what to do with her for when she enters 7th grade. Sniff. Sniff. I can't believe we are almost at this stage in her life already.

Summer sure is flying by fast. Before we know it fair time will be here and the start of another year of school. I have pretty much the stuff we need for our new school year. Marilyn and Katie will be homeschooled ,and I will continue with our K12 cyberschool with Hannah because it has worked so well for her. I am excited to be able to use the curriculum that I want to use for the girls this year that will work for them.

Maggie will join along and color in her Kumon workbooks. She loves to play games on the computer. I found a cute Fisher Price game that she can play. She likes it when Hannah 'plays' with her Headsprout so she feels she should do the same. Its so hard because Maggie wants to do everything her big sisters do, yet at the same time I just want to let her be my baby girl.

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