Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer Freebie

I'll admit even in the summer I enjoy a good freebie. . I'll admit without the brave pioneers of the couponing and freebie era I don't think I would find these awesome offers without them.
This summer freebie is for the preschool crowd. Not exactly educational in nature but fun none-the-less.
This freebee is from Fisher Price. I'll admit it takes a long time to get it in the mail. I haven't gotten the first one yet that I ordered some time ago, but it should be coming soon. They make great surprises in the mail that's for sure.
This is more of a boy DVD but I can imagine girls would enjoy it just as much. The name of it is GeoTrax.

Click the Link : GeoTrax to take you to the link and be sure to click the country on the upper right hand side to get started on the online order.

I suppose if you have a boy you would be familiar with this Fisher Price toy. Being a mom to four girls I am not familiar with it but I think Maggie and Hannah would like watching it.

This week is our last week of school until the fall. I of course will through in some school work on those days where its raining or if I hear "Mom, I'm bored". I'm excited though because this will be the first year I homeschool the girls on my own, using my own curriculum and not worrying so much about sending in tests and sample school work. We can enjoy our school year and use what works for us.


Christine said...

Thanks for the heads up!

Christine said...

The link didn't work :-( It just links to the photo in a bigger size. Did I do something wrong?

Tracy said...

Sorry about that Christine. Click the word GeoTrax and that will take you to the link.
The sentence says: Click the Link to :GeoTrax
Once your on the page look in the upper right hand side and click the country (USA of course) and this will take you to the online application. Fill it out , and wait. One day when you look in the mail it will come as a surprise. The Princess one I ordered for the girls a month or so ago just came in the mail today.