Saturday, June 6, 2009

Somebody's in Trouble

Okay. Well after having four girls you would think by now that we would have a good handle with keeping the scissors put up in a high place. Well think again.

Maggie decided this week to get into that stage. You know, the stage where we learn to cut with scissors and hack our hair off stage.
Well she decided to cut her hair. Naughty girl. I'd thought I'd post some before and after pictures since, well, I had to take her to the hair stylist to repair the damage. As you can see Maggie was going for the Neo-Skunk look.

Here are the before pictures:

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Now here are the after pictures. Thank you Miss Hairstylist lady:

I wasn't about to attempt to try and fix it myself because she really hacked at her hair something fierce. I knew something was up when I found this trail of hair from our kitchen to her bedroom. The one thing I am greatful for is that it wasn't before getting any pictures taken. That was what my oldest Marilyn did from the time she was Maggie's age until at least the age of 6 or 7. Everytime we were ready to go for pictures Marilyn would hack the front of her hair. Unlike her oldest sister, at least Maggie got the sides too!


Darla said...

When little, I used to cut my hair too. Finally my mom asked why. I told her that it bugged me when the hair got in my eyes and I fix it.

To this day hair in my eyes makes me crazy. :)

krishna kashyap av said...

She looks like a princess..
Nice snaps.
I hope the hair came out quickly..
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