Monday, September 15, 2008

Getting the hang of it all

Well this is day 10 and I believe we are starting to get somewhat of a groove. I'll admit that school is taking a bit longer to do then I'd like. But we are just going with the flow and it doesn't seem to be bothering the girls at all.

Hannah amazed me today by doing ALOT of school work. I've been noticing that I'm getting less of the " Oh no mom I don't want to do that." And she is becoming more cooperative with it. I can say that the K12 kindergarden has lots of coloring in it. Thank goodness my girls love to color. They could color all day and it wouldn't bother them. Hannah was able to do her math ( and she did two math lessons today) and she did her phonice lesson and her language arts which was making a Blue Color Book. Then on top of it all she finished her monthly homework assignments that are going to go to her teacher. The neat part is that Hannah will be getting to meet her Kindergarden teacher tomorrow at Barnes and Nobel. She will be taking a quick test called the Aimsweb test. I'm not sure other the its to help them personalize their curriculum for them. I think Hannah will do just fine. Then after that we'll go out to lunch and then go to Presque Isle for our Agora Back to School Kick Off. The girls will really enjoy that.
Thursday we are going to go to Asbury Woods for our Pacyber Back to School Kick Off Picnic. So we have a busy week ahead of us. That doesn't count in Girl Scouts this week and Awana on Wed. Phew! Just typing it all out makes me tired.
But the greatest thing is about it all is that we love it. I couldn't imagine life any other way.

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Sarah said...

Aidan "just" has heart and airway defects.

We, also, seem to get a slow start each year as we figure out a routine. I was showing my mom all our school stuff this weekend while she was visiting, and it helped remind me how thankful I am that we have this option. K12 really is a fantastic curriculum (and it will be even more so once it all arrives!) :)