Friday, September 19, 2008

Agora / Pacyber Back to School Kick off Week

Thought I would just take a moment and share some of our pictures of this week for our Back to School Kick off. Since we are with two different cybers we had double the fun.
Our first Back to School Kick off was with Agora cyberschool, which is our K12 school and the other was with Pacyber , they use Calvert and their own curriculum( we started with these guys before Agora came into existence.
Well with further adue here are some great shots I got of the girls having lots of fun.

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Destination Mom said...

HI Tracy,

I loved you video. Oh and how that music makes me teary eyed. I love that song.

I also use a lot of K12. We don't exactly use the K12 program, but I use a lot of their books, and their reading program I believe is one of the easiest I have ever used.

We are currently using K12's Phonics 1, Literature 1, Music 1, and Art 1. We also use a lot of A Beka. I believe that I like K12 better though.

Well, take care. Glad you are doing well. We haven't chatted in awhile, and I wondered how you were. Are you still going to the catholic church you started going to? Do you like it?

Email me sometime.

Amy B.